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Fun, Fitness and Family Friendly Dog Powered Sports

Getting Started

Dog sledding or dog powered sports are a great way to stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

The basic gear

Gloves are an optional extra but since the sport is run mostly in winter in the colder months they do become an essential item.

There are other ways to participate in the sport if being pulled on a wheeled device is not your cup of tea and that's through Canicross or Cani-X.

This is where you and your dog compete in a running race together.
You have a walking belt or canicross belt attached to you and the gangline and harness to connect you to the dog.
This is a great starting point for the kids and any size dog can compete.

Anyone can compete in these events and we encourage you to bring the whole family.
There is something for everyone and a race if you want to compete.


Drivers 15 Years and over, 2 heats - total aggregate time.

  • 1 Dog 2 - 5 kms per heat
  • 2 & 3 Dog 3 - 8 kms per heat
  • 4 Dog 5 - 10 kms per heat

(Children aged 11 – 14 years – compete with one dog only) 2 heats total aggregate time The Junior Class is run at the same time as Novice

Competitors to compete with 1 dog per team – 2 heat event. 2 - 8 km per heat

(Including Junior Canicross) Competitors to compete with 1 dog per team – 1 heat event to be held on the second day of a race weekend. This event will be a Mass Start - 2 -8 kms

TOURING CLASS (1 & 2 dog:
(1 & 2 dog) – This is a non-competitive class. NO PRIZES are awarded for this class. Entrants will compete on the same circuit as Novice, Juniors and Canicross

(Children aged 7 – 10 years – compete with one dog only) Single heat event (untimed based on points for safety equipment)

(Children under 7 years – compete with one dog only accompanied by an adult) Single heat event (untimed based on points for safety equipment)


These are the universal commands used by mushers around the world.

  • OK/lets go/ Hike - start running
  • Gee - Turn Right
  • Haw - Turn Left
  • On by - go straight ahead or ignore a distraction
  • Hup/kiss sounds - ask/encourage the dog to go faster
  • Hike/ Hike UP - tell the dog go faster
  • Easy - slow down
  • Whoa - Stop
  • Line out/Tight- standing still keeping the gang line tight while waiting for the go command
  • Gee Around/Come Gee- Do a 180 turn to the right
  • Haw Around/Come Haw- Do a 180 turn to the left

For more information on where to buy gear
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We race under the Australian Sleddogs Sports Association (ASSA) rules